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Resources on Scaling Agile frameworks like the Scaling Agile Framework (SAFe), LESS, Nexus, Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), Scrums of Scrums, etc.

How Gilt Scales Agile

September 24, 2014 0

As Agile project management is being widely adopted, the questions of if and how it could scale is a main topic of discussion. In this blog post, Gilt explain how it scales Agile with teams, ingredients, initiatives and KPIs.

Scrum is Not Dead

June 16, 2014 0

After having heard a lot of time that Scrum is dead, Andrew Kallman and Ted Kallman explain why this is not the case. They start by writing that there is “nothing magical about Lean, or for that matter, Agile or any project methodology”. Based on job posting statistics, there is still a strong demand and interest for both traditional and Agile leaders.

Know the Way, Show the Way, Go the Way: Scaling Agile Development

February 6, 2014 0

Tired of the claims that Scrum, XP, and kanban don’t scale beyond a few teams? Overwhelmed by management’s resistance to the organizational changes needed to really follow agile principles? Concerned with the lack of proven practices required to scale agile methods to the next level? Exploring the Scaled Agile Framework™, Dean Leffingwell dispels these claims and answers these questions—and more.

Large Scale Technical Agile

October 17, 2013 0

This article discusses the challenges faced by technical projects like real-time networking applications that involve multiple Scrum teams.

Scaling Agile with Tribes, Squads, Chapters & Guilds

December 12, 2012 0

In this article, Henrik Kniberg and Anders Ivarsson present the story of scaling Agile at Spotify with over 30 teams across 3 cities. They describe the current organization at Spotify. The Squads are similar to Scrum teams. They are self-organizing teams and some use Scrum but other use Kanban or mixed approaches.

Scaling Agile at UK’s Government Digital Service

November 12, 2012 0

In this blog post, Jamie Arnold shares some of the lessons learned and benefits of scaling Agile at the Government Digital Service. It is a presentation about how to scale agile from one team of 12 people to 140 people and 14 teams.

Scaling Agile to Work with a Distributed Team

September 5, 2012 0

The early agile literature was adamant about two things: stick with small teams and put everyone in one room. However, in the years since the Agile Manifesto, the increasing popularity of agile and the dramatic improvements it brings has pushed it onto larger and larger projects. Additionally, having an entire team, especially on a large project, in one room, or even one building is a luxury no longer enjoyed by many projects.

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