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Using Commercial Scrum Tools for Free

November 20, 2023 26

If the development of open source Scrum tools was in vogue some years ago, a lot of these projects have now been abandoned. Some are still active, but this is because their development is sponsored by a commercial hosted option. There is however an alternative to manage your Agile software development projects if you have a low budget… and a small team. Some providers of commercial Scrum tools provide a free version of their software, often with some limitations.

The Introverted ScrumMaster Guide to Making a Big Impact

September 25, 2023 1

The business world is often dominated by extroverted personalities, but that doesn’t mean introverted leaders can’t be incredibly effective and impactful. As a ScrumMaster, being introverted actually comes with a plethora of advantages. While it can be challenging to lead a Scrum team when you’re not naturally outgoing, these tips can help you become the leader your team wants to follow!

The Best Agile and Scrum Videos on YouTube – Part 1 Conferences

October 17, 2022 0

Agile, Scrum, Lean and Kanban conferences have been organized all over the world in recent years. With the popularity of the Agile approaches, they have attracted important audiences and therefore started to capture their sessions on video. This article presents a list of the best Agile and Scrum video channels available on YouTube from these conferences.

Agile Anti-patterns or How to Mess up as a Scrum Master

October 3, 2022 2

If we have always to remember that it is more important to be Agile than to do Agile, there are still many organizations practicing Scrum in a “cargo cult” mode. In this article, Mark Haynes describes, with a facetious bias, some of the common anti-patterns of Scrum Masters.

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