Scrum Agile Project Management

Driving Stakeholders Engagement with User Stories

May 31, 2023 0

The presenter designed this workshop during COVID times to engage stakeholders better by using User Stories more efficiently. The idea of the workshop is to help people move away from the notion that User Stories are merely a “As a .. I want .. so that” writing template.

How Agile Charts Lie

May 17, 2023 0

In recent years, measurement has increasingly gained more traction in the Agile world. Many folks want to “measure” or even “measure what matters” when adopting new ways of working like Scrum.

Five Things You Should Know Before Scaling Agile Teams & Culture

May 1, 2023 0

Having scaled a number of Agile teams at different speeds, this presentation will walk you through some of the inflection points you will experience, how to navigate them, and reflect on all the things the presenter wishes she had known just a little bit earlier.

Continuous Delivery Optimized

April 18, 2023 0

This workshop explores the growing pains in Continuous Delivery and describe some strategies to cope with them. How do we address these growing pains? What are the next steps, beyond the CD beginner’s basic automation? How do we optimize our pipelines to meet our needs as these needs grow?