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10 Tips for Digestible Pair Programming

June 13, 2023 0

Pair Programming is an Agile software development technique proposed by the eXtreme Programming (XP) approach. Software developers are aware of the fact that this technique can have some huge advantages. Pair programming is an efficient way to share knowledge, it gives you an almost instant feedback loop, and delivers higher quality, less error-prone code.

You Must Be Crazy To Do Pair Programming

March 14, 2022 0

Pair Programming is probably considered to be the most extreme ‘Extreme Programming’ practice, and a powerful technique for unlocking learning in a software development team. This video looks at this cultural practice that supports our ability to create better software faster in continuous delivery and DevOps teams.

Pair Programming for Remote Teams

October 26, 2015 0

Pair programming is one of the original practice of eXtreme programming, but it is also one of the least used by Agile software development teams. In his blog post, Alisdair McDiarmid explains how uses pair programming with remote teams.

Pair Programming Considered Bad

April 27, 2015 0

This presentation examines the latest theories from psychology and how they throw new, interesting and sometimes frightening light on the tools, techniques, process and practices that are often the dogma of modern software development.

Remote Pair Programming

February 23, 2015 0

Pair programming is a well known practice for closely connected teams, but can it work for distributed teams as well? This talk demonstrates remote pair programming in practice and cover the benefits and drawbacks of a distributed agile programming team. How much will being distributed cost your team, what can you regain from remote pair programming and how does remote pair programming feel compared to normal team work?

Pairing Programmers and Testers

August 6, 2013 0

Scrum requires that members of the team collaborate. One of the agile software development practice used to collaborate is pair programming. In his blog post, Erik Brickarp reports his experience when pairing a programmer and a software tester.

Can Pair Programming Work?

July 22, 2013 0

Pair Programming is one of the eXtreme programming (XP) original practices. Continuously in surveys about Agile, it is one of the least used Agile practices. In this blog post, Dave Nicolette do an extensive survey of pair programming trying the question: “does pair programming work?”.

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