Scrum Agile Project Management

People and team member management for Agile project management and Scrum software development teams.

Adaptability – a Toolkit for Agile Survival

June 11, 2024 0

The idea of change scares a lot of people! The thought of being uncomfortable in a new environment freaks us out and results in us being unable to adapt. Like IQ and EQ, we need to understand the Adaptability Quotient, or AQ, to succeed in our Agile life.

Agile Team Extension: Choosing Between Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing

June 5, 2024 0

In today’s dynamic business environment, companies must frequently enhance their Agile capabilities to meet increasing demands and maintain competitiveness. One practical approach is through IT team extension, where organizations expand their current IT resources by utilizing external expertise and talent.

Bringing Agility Back to Software Developers

May 23, 2024 0

Agile teams often talk about performance instead of talking about efficiency. We talk about ROI instead of continuous improvement. We emphasize monitoring over support and reporting over team protection. Why don’t we give back agility to software developers?

Leveraging Agile Methodologies to Introduce Coding Education to Young Learners

April 30, 2024 0

It goes without saying that in today’s digital age, one of the most valuable sets of skills is the capability of coding. As technology embeds itself deeper into everything we do, the only route to ensure that the next generation emerges capable of effectively maneuvering this tech-dependent world is to equip them with coding skills.

Agile Education in High-Quality Web App Development Services

March 27, 2024 0

Agile methodology is a collaborative, iterative approach to software development that focuses on delivering high-quality, functional products through efficient and effective teamwork. It has gained immense popularity in the tech industry, with many organizations adopting it for web app development.

Leadership Lessons from the Agile Manifesto

February 26, 2024 0

Whether you’re a Tech Lead, Engineering Manager, or Project Manager for an engineering team, you probably were not handed an instruction manual when you were given your first team to lead. This talk will show you how to apply the principles in the Agile Manifesto to become a better leader.

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