Scrum Agile Project Management

People and team member management for Agile project management and Scrum software development teams.

Management 3.0

October 2, 2023 0

In his foreword of the book “Management 3.0” by Jurgen Appelo, Robert C. Martin wrote that he hates management books, but “this book is smart”. I think that this book might be smart because Jurgen is smart.

Three Dimensions of Agile Leadership

September 4, 2023 0

This presentation invites you to discover what Agile Leadership can be, by giving you concrete keys to open a three dimension perspectives : inner leadership, co-leadership and leadership as a service.

The Corporate Scrum Certification Complex

May 23, 2023 0

After a first article about the negative sides of Agile certifications from the Agile practitioners’ perspective, Mark Haynes explores, again with a facetious bias, certifications in an organizational context.

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