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Scrum Daily Stand-up Meeting Troublemakers

March 24, 2014 0

The daily stand-up meeting is an important moment in Scrum project. Team members meet to know about potential challenges as well as to coordinate efforts to resolve issues. They usullay discuss the three following questions: What did I accomplish yesterday? What will I do today? What obstacles are impeding my progress? In this blog post, Derek Huether describes 10 types of persons that create trouble in the Scrum daily stand-up meeting.

Getting Value from Your Scrum Daily Stand-up

June 6, 2012 0

Even if the Scrum daily stand-up meeting isn’t a status report, it is often easy for team members to slip into a pattern of providing status-related information. In this article, Eric King proposes different techniques that you can integrate in your daily stand-up meting to get more value out of it, setting a positive tone for the daily activities as people grow both as individuals and as a team. These techniques are Speed Scrum, Pass-the-Conch Scrum, Time-Box Scrum, Challenge Scrum, Impediments-Only Scrum, Award Scrum, Business Value-Focused Scrum, No-Board Scrum, Whiteboard Scrum and Buddy Scrum. Being able to overcome and adapt lies at the core of Scrum team. The stand-up is an essential part of our Agile/Scrum process, but team members should constantly seekg new ways to challenge each other. Even if you still use the proven stand-up approach, you can have great success in periodically spicing it up with the methods above. You will get the job done, but you will also find that a little laughter at the beginning of the day can set a great tone.

Daily Scrum Improvement

January 18, 2012 0

The Scrum Daily Stand-up meeting is certainly the most regular team activity in agile software development projects and there are therefore many material available on how to manage it and prevent it to become boring, useless or both. In this blog post, Anders Laestadius provides four ideas to improving the daily Scrum meeting.

Pitfalls of Scrum Stand-up Meetings

October 12, 2011 0

In this blog post, Gary Reynolds shares ten issues that prevent Scrum stand-up meetings to reach their goal. He also offers advice on what  ScrumMasters can do to ensure they either don’t occur at all or are eradicated over as short a time as possible.

Opening Communication within a Scrum Team

September 30, 2011 0

This article examines something called “The Daily Scrum Meeting” used by Scrum Teams on Agile Software Development Projects around the world. Using some real-life stories and cartoons, you should walk away from this with a better understanding of what not to do, what to do, and then how you can make changes if the first team looks more like what your Scrum Team is doing today.

Continuous Feedback

September 30, 2011 0

Continuous feedback is part of basic principles of Agile project management, using techniques such as Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous integration or daily stand-ups meetings that allow the Scrum team to share concerns about potential challenges as well as coordinate efforts to resolve difficult and/or time-consuming issues.

Improve Your Scrum Meetings

September 20, 2011 0

Marc Löffler shares in this blog post 11 hints to improve all the Scrum meetings. He discusses daily stand-up meeting where he suggests to show colleagues what your currently working on instead of just talking about it. He also make proposals to improve the sprint planning, sprint reviews and retrospectives.

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