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Observation on Large Agile Teams

Scaling and implementing an Agile approach in large projects is one of the hot topic in the Agile community, a natural consequences of the adoption of Agile by larger corporation. In this blog post, Ritika Nanwani shares some of her observations as a member of a large Scrum project.

The blog post discusses the following topics:

  • You have to experiment with your project structure and evaluate the issues and benefits between having only one big team or splitting the people in sub-teams.
  • The internal organization you adopt will also influence the quality and the time needed for the daily stand-up meetings.
  • Large teams equal often a lot of email. Team members have to learn to filter what is really important for them and emails that they just have to browse to be aware of what is going on in the team.
  • In large projects Ritika Nanwani wrote that “it is close to impossible for a person to have complete context about everything.” Providing contextual knowledge can help integration of new members.
  • If you work with a large team, you need a large budget for team outings so that you can create a better team feeling.

Her conclusion is that “Apart from these learnings, a large team with its ever changing dynamics, trains you to understand a situation better, analyse it completely and act accordingly. This enhances your analytical and problem solving skills.”

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