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Four Steps for a Successful Scrum Product Demo

October 30, 2017 0

Sometimes as software developers we think that if we build a good product, the users will like it. It is not however not always so easy and you have to communicate well about it, especially if you follow an Agile approach and are looking for instant and valuable feedback from your demo. In this article, Esena Gusic shares some of the tricks she uses as a product owner when delivering a product demo during the Scrum sprint review.

Using Sprint Data to Modify Behavior

October 11, 2016 0

In an ideal Agile world, the Scrum team can complete all user stories tasks that it planned for the current sprint. The real world is however different. In this article, Scott Lively explains how to use the sprint data to modify the team behavior.

Scaling the Sprint Review With a Fair

February 13, 2013 0

The main goal of a sprint review in Scrum is to receive feedback on the product that the team has built in the last sprint. How do you do when the product is created by many different teams and there multiple stakeholders who are involved in the Scrum project? In this article, Stephan Kraus explains how to scale the sprint review in Scrum using the fair concept.

Take Time to Plan the Scrum Sprint Review

January 31, 2013 0

Positive sprint reviews increase customer confidence in the team and the team’s confidence in itself. If the review goes badly, the trust will degrade, just as we saw in the story. At the same time, don’t forget that the main purpose of the sprint review is not a round of applause for a job well done. The real goal of a sprint review is to stop and ascertain whether the project is on the right track.

Scrum Sprint Reviews Checklist

August 15, 2012 0

In this blog post, Ilan Goldstein shares a list of things to do for successful Scrum sprint reviews, both before and during the meeting. Amongst the important points mentioned, there is the management of expectations, the brief mention of the impediments and improvements of the team. He also discusses the pressure to show “almost finished” user stories, how to deal with off topics questions or remarks and how to balance the fun and serious feelings that sprint reviews should convey.

Improve Your Scrum Meetings

September 20, 2011 0

Marc Löffler shares in this blog post 11 hints to improve all the Scrum meetings. He discusses daily stand-up meeting where he suggests to show colleagues what your currently working on instead of just talking about it. He also make proposals to improve the sprint planning, sprint reviews and retrospectives.