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Agile Scrum Conferences 2020 USA UK Europe Asia

This page lists of upcoming Scrum, Agile, Lean, Kanban, Software Craftsmanship or Extreme Programming (XP) conferences and events taking place in 2020 all over the world (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, South Africa, etc.). They will discuss Agile project management, lean, kanban, software craftsmanship, Agile testing, Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), eXtreme Programming (XP), Test-Driven Development (TDD), Agile DevOps or Agile scaling frameworks like SAFe, LESS, Nexus, Scrum at Scale, Disciplined Agile, etc.

!!! March 16 2020. Please note that due to the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19), all events listed below might switch to a virtual format, be postponed or cancelled according to the decisions of local authorities !!!

Partner conferences and training courses

* EPIC Experience, April 19-23, San Diego CA, USA
This conference will be the ultimate pairing of agile testing and automation into one epic week! The EPIC Experience conference focuses on practical applications of the knowledge and skills that you and your teams need in an agile world. Get the tools and methods you need to embed agile thinking and practices successfully into your work, team, and company.
* deliver:Agile, April 29 – May 1 2020, Columbus, OH, USA (postponed)
There is a wealth of new Agile tools, techniques, patterns, and practices. At deliver:Agile, you’ll learn how to best support and evolve your Agile engineering practices in light of these new capabilities and emerging technologies.
* Big Apple Scrum Day, May 10 2019, New York, USA (no event in 2020, should be back in 2021)
Big Apple Scrum Day (BASD) is a one-day community conference focused on Scrum/Agile principles and practices.
* Agile Crete & SoCraTes, May 20-23 2020, Kolymbari, Greece
AgileCrete has always been a playground where coaches, scrum masters and developers gather to exchange and challenge ideas about all things agile. The Heraklion Software Crafters community has joined their forces to create a unique unconference where discussions and hack sessions will help team members better understand each other
* Agile Development Conference West, Virtual Conference, USA, June 8-11 2020
Agile + DevOps West brings together practitioners seeking to accelerate the delivery of reliable, secure software applications. Find out how the practice of Agile & DevOps brings cross-functional stakeholders together to deliver software with greater speed and agility while meeting quality and security demands. Learn from industry experts how your organization can leverage agile and DevOps concepts to improve deployment frequency and time to market, reduce lead time, and more successfully deliver stable new features.
* XP 2020, June 8-12 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark
XP is the premier Agile software development conference combining research and practice. It is a unique forum where Agile researchers, practitioners, thought leaders, coaches, and trainers get together to present and discuss their most recent innovations, research results, experiences, concerns, challenges, and trends.
* Agile Testing Days USA, June 23-27 2019, Chicago, USA
The Agile Testing Days USA conference will be a festival of learning and sharing for the community. The agile-focused learning experience will provide an interactive way to get deep insights and the latest developments in testing and agile excellence as well as many opportunities to network with fellow passionate agile software professionals.
* Agile Alliance Agile2020, July 20–24 2020, Orlando, USA
The annual North American conference of the Agile Alliance is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. This is where the Agile tribes meet!
* Agile Prague, September 14-15 2020, Prague, Czech Republic
Agile Prague Conference is building a unique collaborative environment where participants not only listen to the speakers but are encouraged to approach them and have a conversation together. Every mid-day there is an Open space where you have an opportunity to discuss topics with each other and speakers. Coaches Clinic is open all breaks and lunches, get help with your unique situation from experienced Agile Coaches.
* ACE! Conference on Lean and Agile Software Development, Krakow, Poland, September 16-18 2020
The ACE! Conference on Lean and Agile Software Development brings together in Krakow (Poland) some of the best-known Agile, Scrum and lean practitioners in Europe and abroad.
* Agile + DevOps East, Orlando, FL, USA, November 3-8 2019
Learn from industry experts how your organization can leverage agile and DevOps concepts to bring cross-functional stakeholders together to deliver software with greater speed and agility while meeting quality and security demands. Topics for every member of the team, including leadership, testing, metrics, project management, automation, and more.

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Agile Scrum Conferences

Yearly Agile, Scrum & Lean Conferences Calendar


Agile Coach Camp Norway, Oslo, Norway, January 3-5 2020,
CodeFreeze, Inari, Finland, January 11-18 2020
Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo, Tokyo, Shinagawa, Japan, January 8-10 2020,
Beyond Agile Israel, Airport City, Israel, January 26 2020,
Agile Guruguram, Gurugram, India, January 31-February 19 2020,


Business Agility Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa, February 3-4 2020,
Agile Open Northwest, Seattle, USA, February 3-5 2020
SoCraTes Day Switzerland, Ftan, Switzerland, February 6-9 2020
Socrates Canaries, Gran Canaria, Spain, February 6-9 2020
Agile Mumbai, 8 February 7-8 2020, Hilton Mumbai, India,
Agile en Med, Casablanca, Morroco, February 8 2020,
Play4Agile, Johannesberg, Germany, February 20-23 2020
Agile Christchurch, Christchurch, New Zealand, February 21 2020,
LeanAgileUS, Fort Lauderdale, USA, February 24-26 2020,
1st Conference, Melbourne, Australia, February 24 & 28 2020
AgilityToday, Gurugram, India, February 29-March 1 2020,


Agile 2020 NL, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 5 2020,
School of PO – La Conf, Paris, France March 11 2020,
Agile Open San Diego, San Diego, USA, March 11-13 2020,
Lean and Agile ME Summit, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 11 2020,
Business Agility Conference, New York, USA, March 11-12 2020,
Agile on the Beach NZ, Tauranga, New Zealand, March 13-15 2020,
Agile India, Bangalore, India, March 15-22 2020
Agile Beyond IT, Berlin, Germany, March 17-19 2020,
Agile Open Camp Argentina, Bariloche, Argentina, March 18-21 2020 London, March 19-20 2020, London, UK,
Agile Coach Camp Netherlands, Vierhouten, Netherlands, March 20-21 2020,
Agile Coach Camp Australia, Perth, Australia, March 21 2020,
Scrum Day Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine, March 21 2020,
Agile Cologne, Köln, Germany, March 27 2020,
Agile Coach Camp Australia, Melbourne, Australia, March 28 2020,
World Retrospective Day, Around the World, March 26 2020,
Agile Open & Coach Camp Arizona, AZ, USA, March 26-28 2020,
Innovate Virginia, Richmond VA, USA, March 26-27 2020,
Agile Munich, Munich, Germany, March 31 – April 2 2020,


Scandinavian Agile, Finland, Helsinki, April 1-2 2020
TriAgile, Raleigh, USA, April 1 2020
Agile Days Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, April 2 2020,
Regional Scrum Gathering, Medellin, Colombia, April 3-4 2020,
Agile Trends, Sao Paolo, Brazil, April 6-9 2020
Agile Camp Berlin, Berlin, Germany, April 17-18 2020,
Agile-Lean Ireland, Dublin, Ireland, April 20-21 2020,
Agile in the City, London, UK, April 21-23 2020,
Agile Coach Camp Madrid, Madrid, Spain, April 23-25 2020
Scrum Day Peru, Lima, Peru, April 24-25 2020,
Agile Cincinnati, Cincinnati, USA, April 27 2020
Lean Agile London Conference, London, UK, April 27-28 2020,
Agile Austria, Graz, Austria, April 28-29 2021, (no Agile Austria in 2020)
Regional Scrum Gathering, Melbourne, Australia, April 29-30 2020,
deliver:Agile, April 29 – May 1 2020, Columbus, USA, (postponed)

AgileIndy, Indianapolis, May 1 2020
AgileCamp Chicago, USA, May 6 2019,
Agile Day Atlanta, Atlanta, USA, May 8 2020,
Big Apple Scrum Day, New York, USA, May 10 2019, (no event in 2020, should be back in 2021)
Global Scrum Gathering, New York, USA, May 11-13 2020, (cancelled)
Kanban Week North America, San Diego, USA, May 11-15 2020,
Lean, Agile & Scrum Conference, Zurich, Switzerland, May 12-13 2020
Lean + Agile DC, Herndon, USA, May 13 2020,
Agile Manchester, Manchester, UK, May 13-15 2020
Agile Maine, Portland, USA, May 15 2020,
Scrum Day London, London, UK, May 15 2020,
Mile High Agile, Denver, USA, May 18-19 2020
Business Agility Conference, Vienna, Austria, May 18-19 2020
Agile and Beyond, Detroit, USA, May 19-21 2020
AgileCrete, May 20-23 2020, Kolymbari, Greece
Agile Open Canada, Victoria BC, Canada, May 25-26 2020
Scrum Day Germany, Filderstadt, Germany, May 26-27 2020
ScrumImpulz, Bratislava, Slovakia, May 27 2020
Journée Agile Belge, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, May 29 2020
Regional Scrum Gathering, Mexico, Mexico, May 29-30 2020,
Mob Programming Conference, Burlington, USA, May 30-31 2020,
Agile Coach Camp Romania, Sibiu, Romania, May 31-June 2 2019,


Agile Games New England, Boston, USA, June 1-3 2020,
Agile Israel, Lago, Israel, June 2 2020,
Agile Development Conference West, Virtual Conference, USA, June 8-11 2020
Agila Malmö, Malmö, Sweden, June 3 2019, (2020 conference cancelled)
Agile Coach Camp Denmark, Dragor, Denmark, June 4-6 2020 (cancelled)
The Agile Shift Conference, Houston TX, USA, June 5 2020,
SoCraTes UK, Dorking, UK, June 2020 (cancelled)
Agile Coach Camp Canada, Cornwall, Canada, June 5-7 2020 (postponed)
Regional SAFe Summit, The Hague, Netherlands, June 8-12 2020,
XP Conference, June 8-12 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark, (postponed)
Craft, Budapest, Hungary, June 9-10 2020,
Agile France, Paris, France, June 11-12 2020
Agile Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia, June 12 2020,
Agile Lyon, Lyon, France, June 12-13 2020,
Spark The Change Toronto, Toronto, Canada, June 13-14 2019, (no event in 2020)
Agile Australia, Melbourne, Australia, June 15-16 2020
Agile Portugal, Porto, Portugal, June 19 2020,
Agile Coach Camp Germany, Rückersbach, Germany, June 19-21 2020,
Agile Testing Days USA, June 21-25 2020, Chicago, USA
Regional Scrum Gathering, Hyderabad, India, June 20-21 2020,
The European Product Owner & Requirements Engineering Day, Zurich, Switzerland, June 24 2020,


Regional Scrum Gathering Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, July 2-4 2020
Scrum Day Europe, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 11 2019
Agile on the Beach, 11-12 July 2019, Falmouth Cornwall, UK,
Agile Coach Camp Italy, Lavarone, Italy, June 13-15 2019
AgileChina, Beijing, China, July 15-18 2018
Socrates Chile, Santiago, Chile, July 19 2019,
Agile Week Riga, Riga, Latvia, July 17-21 2019
Cincy Deliver / Cincinnati Day of Agile, Cincinnati, USA, July 17 2019,
Agile Alliance Agile2020, July 20–24 2020, Orlando, USA
Scrum Day Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil, July 25 2020,
Technical Agility Conference, Bangalore, India, July 26-27 2019,
LAST Conference, Melbourne, Australia, July 30 2019,


Lean Kanban India, Bangalore, India, August 2-3 2019,
Pune Agile Unconference, Pune, India, August 4 2019,
Nexus in Taiwan, August 16 2019
Agile Lean Europe (ALE) UnConference, Porto, Portugal, August 21-23 2019,
Regional Scrum Gathering China, Beijing, China, August 23-24 2019,
Scrum Coaching Retreat, Melbourne, Australia, August 23-25 2019,
LAST Conference, Sidney, Australia, August 29 2019,
Product Owner Camp, Frankfurt, Germany, August 30-31 2019,


3rd International Conference on Lean and Agile Software Development (LASD’19), Leipzig, Germany, September 1-4 2019,
#JAFAC (Just Another F!ng Agile Conference), Wellington, New Zealand, September 5-6 2019,
Agile Unconference, Zurich, Switzerland, September 6 2019,
SwanseaCon, Swansea, Wales, September 9 2019
Agile Brazil, Campinas, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, September 11-13 2019,
Agile Open California South, Irvine, USA, September 12-13 2019
LeSS Conference, Munich, Germany, 12-13 September 2019,
Agile Cologne, Köln, Germany, September 13 2019,
Agile Open Camp Colombia, Rionegro, Colombia, September 13-16 2019,
Agile Business Day, Venice, Italy, September 13-14 2019,
Agile Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, September 14-15 2020,
Agile en Seine, Paris, France, September 16-17 2019,
Agile Talks Day, Hamburg, Germany, September 17 2019,
Business Agility Australia, Sydney, Australia, September 16-17 2019,
ACE! Lean & Agile Software Development, Krakow, Poland, September 16-18 2020
Spark The Change India, Bangalore, India, September 18-19 2019,
AgileCamp, Portland, USA, September 20 2019
Agile Rock Conference, Kyiv, Ukraine, September 21-22 2019,
Agile Summit Greece, Athens, Greece, September 19-20 2019
Agiles – Jornadas Latinoamericanas de Agilidad, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, September 19-21 2019,
Agile Tour Vienna, Austria, September 20 2019,
Agile DC, Washington, USA, September 23 2019,
Agile Bodensee, Constance, Germany, September 25-26 2019
Agile Business Conference, London, UK, 25-26 September 2019
Agile Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 25-27 2019,
World Agility Forum, Lisbon, Portugal, September 26-27 2020,
Global SAFe Summit, Washington, USA, September 30 – October 4 2019,
Experience Agile & DevOps Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, September 30 – October 1 2019,


Scrum Day Minnesota, Brooklyn Center, USA, October 2 2019,
Agile Human Factors, Lisbon, Portugal, October 2 2019,
Agile Cambridge, Cambridge, UK, October 2-4 2019
Software Craftsmanship London, London, UK, 3-4 October 2019
AgileCamp New York Metro, Jersey City, USA, October 4 2019
Keep Austin Agile, Austin, USA, October 4 2019
Asbury Agile Conference, Asbury Park NJ, USA, October 4 2019,
LAST Conference, Brisbane, Australia, October 4 2019,
ProductCamp Berlin, Berlin, Germany, October 5 2019,
International Lean Digital Summit, Paris, France, October 7-8 2019,
Agile Online Summit, October 7-11 2019,
ProjectCon | AgileCon, Indianapolis, USA, October 9 2020,
Lean Agile Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland, October 9-11 2019
Agile Open California North, Berkeley, USA, October 10-11 2019
Women In Agile Open, Cleveland, USA, October 10-12 2019,
Agile Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 14-17 2019
Agile Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria, October 16-18 2019,
Regional Scrum Gathering, Cape Town, South Africa, October 17-18 2019,
Lean Agile Brighton, Brighton, UK, October 17-18 2019,
Agile London Tour, London, UK, October 18 2019,
Global Scrum Gathering, Lisbon, Portugal, October 19-21 2020,
Agile People Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden, October 21-24 2019,
AgileByExample, Warsaw, Poland, October 21-23 2019
Agile Tour Philadelphia, Philadelphia, USA, October 21 2019,
Agile Leadership Day, Zurich, Switzerland, October 23 2019,
Agile in Africa, Accra, Ghana, October 23-24 2019,
Agile Turkey Summit, Istanbul, Turkey, October 24 2019
Agile Tour Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania, October 24 2019,
Agile Open Florida, Lakeland, USA, October 25 2019
Lean Kanban Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 24-25 2019,
Agile Coach Camp Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, October 24-26 2019,
Agile Lean Summit, Harrisburg, USA, October 27 2020,
Global Scrum Gathering, Vienna, Austria, October 28-30 2019


AgileCamp Dallas, Dallas, USA, November 1 2019,
Agile + DevOps East, Orlando, FL, USA, November 3-8 2019
Manage Agile, Berlin, Germany, November 4-7 2019
Toronto Agile Conference, Toronto, Canada, November 5 2019
Lean Kanban Central Europe, Hamburg, Germany, November 5-6 2019
Lean Agile Kansas City, Kansas City, USA, November 5-6 2019,
Business Agility Conference, Columbus OH, USA, November 6-7 2019,
XP Days Germany, Hamburg, Germany, November 6-8 2019,
Women in Agile Europe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 7 2019,
Agile Tour Sydney, Sydney, Australia, November 7 2019,
Agile Open Camp Chile, Santiago de Chile, Chili, November 8-11 2019,
Agile Grenoble, Grenoble, France, November 12-16 2019,
Agile Day New York, New York, USA, November 14 2019,
Lean EAM Konferenz, Munich, Germany, November 19 2019,
Agile Arizona, Phoenix, USA, November 20-22 2019
Scrum Deutschland 2019, Duesseldorf, Germany, November 22 2019,
Agile Tour Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, November 22 2019,
Gatineau Ottawa Agile Tour, Gatineau, Canada, November 22 2019,
XP Days Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine, November 22-23 2019
Conferencia Agile Spain, Barcelona, Spain, November 22-23 2019,
Be 1st Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia, November 23 2018 (back in 2020)
Agile Auto PEP, Berlin, Germany, November 21-22 2019,
Agile Tour Montreal, Montreal, Canada, November 28 2019,
XP Days Benelux, Kapellerput – Heeze, Netherlands, November 28-29 2019,


Agile Tour Paris, Paris, France, December 2 2019,
Requisite Agility Unsymposium, December 5-6 2019,
AgileCamp San Francisco, San Francisco, USA, December 6 2019,
Agile Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Vietnam, December 7 2019,
Agile Tour Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland, December 11 2019,
FlowCon, Paris, France, December 12-13 2019,
Regional Scrum Gathering Nepal, Lalitpur, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, December 21 2019,

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