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XP Conference, Porto, Portugal, May 21-25 2018

XP is an European conference on the extreme programming approach and Agile software development that takes each year in a different country. The Agile Alliance organizes event where Agile and Lean practitioners and researchers should meet.

In the agenda of the XP conferences you can find topics like “Blitz Planning Re-Imagined”, “Collaborating Mobs”, “Escape a Collapsing Temple and Learn About Agile Team Dynamics”, “Generating Innovations for the Internet of the Things: Agility and Speed”, “Rethinking Agile Leadership”, “Agile Is Mindset – Now What?”, “Exploring Architecture in Agile Teams”, “How to Build a Passionate Team?”, “Evidence-Driven Change in Software Development, Is It Feasible?”, “The First “Startuppucino” Steps to a Lean Edtech Startup”, “Don’t Forget to Breathe: A Controlled Trial of Mindfulness Practices in Agile Project Teams” “What Influences the Speed of Prototyping? An Empirical Investigation of Twenty Software Startups”, “Software Faster”, “Mob Programming”, “Where No One Has Tested Before: The Case For Textless Environments”, “Hunting Value with Structured Conversations”, “Amplify Agile”, “Devops, Kanban and Taylorism”, “Test-Driving Information Radiators”, “Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins Job Builder”, “Collaborative Exploratory and Unit Testing”, “Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas”, “Agile methods applied to development and certification of safety-critical software (ASCS)”, “Fun Retrospectives: Activities and ideas for making agile retrospectives more engaging”, “Scaling Agile Principles”

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