Scrum and Agile Project Management Conferences 2017: USA, Europe, India, Canada, UK, Australia, China, …

CodeFreeze, Inari, Finland, January 11-18 2020

October 30, 2019 0

CodeFreeze is an unconference taking place in Finland that defines itself as a “time and place for software craftspeople to meet”. It is part of the international group of SoCraTes conferences that are focused on software craftsmanship.

XP Days Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine, November 22-23 2019

October 30, 2019 0

XP Days Ukraine is a conference dedicated to Agile engineering practices. Its aim is to provide practical skills and new ideas toScrum and Agile practitioners with the help of local and international Agile and Scrum experts. The presentations of XP Days Ukraine cover the main Agile engineering practices like TDD, Continuous Integration or BDD. Topics like Agile architecture, technical debt or communication between developers and testers are also discussed.

Agile Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 14-17 2019

October 1, 2019 0

Agile Slovenia is a conference focused on Agile and Scrum topics that take place in Ljubljana. Agile Slovenia is an event where you can turn theory in action, attend to workshops, meet agile people, listen to agile pioneers, expand your knowledge. It features both local and international Agile experts.

Agile Arizona, Phoenix, USA, November 20-22 2019

October 1, 2019 0

Agile Arizona is a conference for Scrum, Agile, Kanban and Lean practitioners and coaches organized by the Phoenix Scrum User Group in Arizona that consists of workshops and presentations. One of the primary goals of the conference is to help foster Agile education, personal growth, and a sense of community within Phoenix and Arizona.

Lean Kanban Central Europe, Hamburg, Germany, November 5-6 2019

September 13, 2019 0

Lean Kanban Central Europe is a conference focused on using Lean and Kaban in software development taking place in Germany. More than 30 international Lean and Kanban experts will share their experience reports, case studies and advanced ideas on managing knowledge work in an Agile way.

Agile Open Florida, Lakeland, USA, October 25 2019

September 13, 2019 0

Agile Open Florida is a one-day conference dedicated to all Agile software developers and of the Scrum project management in Florida. It is a not-for-profit event driven by Agile volunteers for all members of the Agile community of Florida.

Toronto Agile Conference, Toronto, Canada, November 5 2019

September 5, 2019 0

Toronto Agile Conference is a conference focused on Agile software development and Scrum project management. This popular conference that takes place in Toronto Canada has sold out each year and provides participants with numerous benefits with seven concurrent interactive sessions and plenty of opportunities to network.

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