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Lean Agile Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland, October 5-7 2022

Lean Agile Scotland is a conference taking place in Edinburgh and focused on the Lean and Agile approaches to software development and project management like Scrum.

In the agenda of the Lean Agile Scotland conference you can find topics like “Psychological safety starts with you”, “Visual facilitation – basic toolkit”, “Embracing collaborative chaos – running chaos days on large platforms”, “Icebox zero: agile UX and the lean backlog”, “Editing Service Design”, “Seven Secrets of Scaling”, “The Eupsychian Manager”, “Dispositioning Advantage: A Pervert’s Guide to Strategy Design”, “A Practical Guide to Cynefin”, “Mapping the Risk in Your Value Stream”, “All Of This Has Happened Before – An Agile History”, “Data-driven decision making through Lean Analytics”, “Kanban Essentials”, “Evolution of Tribes at Spotify – Complexity in Practice”, “Beyond BDD”.

Website for the Lean Agile Scotland conference:

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