Scrum Agile Project Management

ScrumImpulz, Bratislava, Slovakia, May 31 2022

ScrumImpulz is a one-day conference focused on the Scrum approach for Agile project management that takes place in Slovakia. Local and international experts share their practical experience about the adoption of Agile approaches in software development projects in talks and workshops.

In the agenda of the ScrumImpulz conference you could find topics like “Large Scale Scrum – for real”, “eduScrum, the very real alternative for education process”, “Unicorns, Krakens, Self-Organizing Teams and other mythological beasts…”, “Agile and Scrum Fundamentals”, “Product Ownership in practice”, “How to start with Scaled Agile Framework”, “The Roadmap for High Performing Teams”, “Management 3.0 – model for agile leaders”, “The worst fails that can occur in our agile team and how to deal with them”, “Global challenges require responses. People and teamwork are the best one” and a case study on Agile in the software development department of an international bank.

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