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Regional Scrum Gathering Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, May 26-28 2021

The Regional Scrum Gathering in Rio de Janeiro is the largest Scrum and Agile event in Latin America. In the past, this Agile conferences taking place in Brazil received about 500 people and discussed topics like Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Agile and Lean Startup in lectures, workshops and open spaces sessions.

In the agenda of the Regional Scrum Gathering Rio conference, you can find topics like “Metrics Lean & Forecasting with Lego”, “User Story: Better slices, better deliveries”, “Break down the pipeline: Agile data science is possible”, “Product Owner – Scrum’s Secret Weapon”, “Agile Transformation or Digital Transformation?”, “Strengthen Culture to Drive Business Agility”, “Cognitive bias and how Scrum can help to cope with”, “Agile Testing Mindset”, “Software Factory or People Factory?”, “Is Estimating a Crime?”, “Are We Really Being Agile? – Agile Patterns and Anti-Patterns”, “How coaching had helped to change my company”, “Complexity is dead: at least for the end user”, “What Type of Contract to Use in Agile Projects”.

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