Scrum Agile Project Management

Agilia, Budapest, Hungary, October 15-17 2018

Agilia Budapest is a three-day conference focused on Agile software development. The theme of this edition is the role of product owner and product management in Agile: creating vision, designing product, managing teams, role of Product Owner, engagement of customers and users, creativity and management of innovations. Use cases.

In the agenda of the Agilia Budapest conference you can find topics like “Scenario driven delivery (SDD)”, “Agility With My Risk Management Goggles On”, “Lean Poker: A framework for learning how to deliver value early and often in practice”, “UX Burner – How to design better products with SCRUM teams?”, “Secrets of Product Ownership”, “One Product, One Project, Two Perspectives”, “How to build a product design team and become more agile?”, “Given/When/Then-ready sprint planning”, “Quality Assurance from perspective of Product Owner”, “How Product Owners can really understand customers through Mindfulness?”, “Behavior Driven Web UI Automation with Selenium and SpecFlow/Cucumber for Java”, “Zeros to Heroes in Just Three Months: When Capability is Your Product”, “Breaking Bonds. How intrapreneurship is encouraged with practices and technology”, “Scrum allows us to create better products, more suited to the users’ needs. Really???”.

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