Scrum Agile Project Management

Agile DC, Washington, USA, October 16 2017

Agile DC is a one-day conference organized by the Washington Agile community. It brings together Agile and Scrum thought-leaders and practitioners from government, not for profits and private industry to share knowledge and network.

In the agenda of the Agile DC conference, you can find topics like “What’s Measured Improves: Metrics that Matter”, “Fostering Self-organizing Teams”, “The Life of a User Story”, “Embracing the Red Bar: A Technique for Safely Refactoring Your Test Code”, “The Agile Reorg: A Survival Guide”, “Agile Acquisition, not Acquisition for Agile”, “What They Didn’t Tell You in CSM Class”, “Influencing Organization Change – a Framework for Thinking about and Designing Change Initiatives”, “The Joy of Work – People, Performance and Innovation in Agile”, “Discover the Power of Pair Testing!”, “What if you need to scale agile but don’t fit the models? A case study”, “Product Design with Intent: How to Drive Product Design in an Agile Project”.

Web site:
Location for the Agile DC conference: Kellogg Conference Hotel At Gallaudet University, 800 Florida Ave N.E., Washington DC 20002-3695, USA