Agile Day Riga, Riga, Latvia, July 19-20 2018

Agile Day Riga is a two-day non-profit conference focused on Agile project management and Scrum. Presentations and workshops will be in Latvian, English and Russian. Goal of this conference is to provide a clear explanation why Agile and Lean software development approaches became so important today and to show how these approaches help to solve problems.

In the agenda of Agile Day Riga you can find topics like “Agility in the Face of Perplexity”, “Fragile Agile: Coaching a Tired Team”, “Granular Scrum”, “Is It Time to Renew Agile?”, “Lean Metrics – Measuring and Driving Change”, “Scrum Pitfalls”, “Scrum Master’s Personal Development Techniques”, “The Great Intersection of Psychology and Agile”, “Being Agile to become Customer centric”, “Agile Innovation – Why people matters”, “Agile Metrics – what is really needed and makes sense in order to steer a large agile project “, “Is “your” Scrum working?” , “Software architecture also needs Agile”, “Why We Fail to Change”.

Web site for the Agile Day Riga conference: