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Agile2018 Agile Alliance Conference, San Diego, USA, August 6-10 2018

Organized by the Agile Alliance, this annual Agile North American conference and the biggest event in the world on Agile software development and Scrum project management. It offers an unprecedented opportunity to learn from world-class experts and thought leaders while networking and collaborating with up to 2,500 Agile professionals from over 40 countries.

In the agenda of the Agile Alliance annual North American conference, you can find topics like “Agile Coach Scorecard Anti-pattern or Opportunity ?”, “Making the Change: Going Agile at the Department of Labor (Joey Spooner) Wipeout! Make *New* Mistakes”, “Creating an Environment for Successful Agile Teams”, “The Silence Experiment: Making Products without Words”, “Overcoming Resistance: How to Engage Developers in Agile Adoption”, “Make the agile transition work! And what HR can do to support it”, “Agile Product Ownership: Do the Right Things, Not Everything”, “The Agile PMO: six things you need to nail”, “7 Sources of Waste in Automated Testing and How To Avoid Them”, “Evolving Your Testing Strategy: Mapping Now, Next, and Later”, “Dynamic Reteaming”, “Distributed Agile: Evolution or Delusion?”, “Coaching Nightmares: Insights we can Learn from Gordon Ramsay”, “Finding Agreement When Everyone Is Right”, “Making Infrastructure as Awesome as Agile Software”, “The Executives Step-by-Step Guide to Leading Large-Scale Agile Transformation”, “Creating Alignment with The Product Wall Release Planning Workshop”, “Intro to Agile Product Management”, “Decoding the Enigma of Product Discovery & Feature Prioritization”, “How to Get Your Whole Team Talking”, “Visual Communication for Groups”, “The Agile Database Techniques Stack: Bridging the Agile/Data Cultural Divide”, “Building Large, Mission-Critical Software and Systems with SAFe 4.0”, “Organizational Agility: It’s Not a Sprint, It’s a Marathon”, “Just Enough: Minimally Viable Agile”, “Agile Testing Maturity – What does “Good” Look Like?”.

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