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The Business Analyst in Agile

As Agile matures and learns from experience, it is clear that the Agile business analyst has a significant role to play. This interactive and musical session will explore the relationship between Product Owner and Business Analyst, their responsibilities and the skills needed. I’m an Alien … I’m a Business Analyst in an Agile world!”

“As a Business Analyst, I have the skills to analyse processes and value chains, to see the strategic need for change and to guide the organisation from present to future ways of working. But the Agile teams undervalue my skills. I am expected just to produce requirements instantly. I don’t have the time to do my job in Agile.”
“I am a Business Analyst but I am expected to be a proxy for the business Product Owner; I have neither the perspective nor the buy-in from the business to do this. I feel like an Alien in the Agile project. Do I even have a role in Agile?”
“I’m a Developer. Why do we need business analysts? I can just talk to the business and find out what they want. I’m not even sure what these Business Analysts do!”
“I’m a Product Owner. I am being expected to analyse and represent my business area in projects, in ways I have no real skills for. Nor do I have the time to develop these skills – I have a product to sell.”
These are the comments of real Business Analysts, Product Owners and Developers in Agile teams. Sound familiar? If so, come along to this presentation and find some answers. As Agile matures and learns from experience, it is clear that the Agile BA has a significant role to play.

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