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Death by User Stories

Do you find that user stories grow and multiply until you can’t fit them in your Scrum sprints? Are you struggling to see the big picture? Are you lost in user story hell? This presentation examines the OOPSI (Outcome, Output, Process, Scenarios, Inputs) technique and demonstrates how it accelerates delivery by ensuring that you are always working on the right thing and can see the bigger picture. OOPSI will give you a narrative and context for your analysis artifacts and the examples that support them. The OOPSI mapping technique can be used to help structure the discovery process, to help ensure that we’re always focusing on the most important thing and to avoid analysis paralysis. Similar to Matt Wynne’s Example Mapping, this technique can be done collaboratively using post-it notes in small teams. The 3 Amigos (domain expert, test expert and technical expert) follow the OOPSI process using different colored post-it notes to explore the business requirements and work towards some implementation examples. If you are using Impact Mapping, Story Mapping, Event Storming or Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) you will find that this fits in really neatly with those activities.

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