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Alistair Cockburn describes software development as a cooperative game. Scrum provides one set of rules for one such way of playing the game. The Scrum Guide is the official rule book. However, the Scrum Guide doesn’t tell you the rationale behind Scrum as a whole, or behind many of its successful practices. Those rationales come out of experience, community, and the insights of its founders and inventors. The ScrumPLoP mission is to build a body of pattern literature around those communities, describing those insights, so we can easily share them with the Scrum and Agile communities.

The Scrum Pattern Community is part of the PLoP (Pattern Languages of Programs) movement. It aims to review and refine bodies of literature for communities of practice. This is done through ScrumPLoP conferences that are organized regularly. It has already published a certain numbers of Scrum Patterns with the goal to produce a book of Scrum pattern languages.