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ScrumMaster as a Servant Leader

The ScrumMaster is dealing daily to remove the issues that the team face. If he keeps in mind the role of the ScrumMaster as a servant leader, he will be better able to keep the team members motivated toward the goal, which will lead to better customer satisfaction in the end. On the other hand, if he follows the traditional role of a manager trying to ensure that he gets the work done, things may work out in the short term.

Badri Srinivasan explains in this article that he should not be surprised in the long term to find himself staring asking a tough question when things turn out badly and the customer is dissatisfied. This does not imply that servant leadership is the only correct way to do the work, but a complex adaptive system works better if trust, motivation and inspiration are present in the environment and being a servant leader is the best way to achieve this objective.