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Scaling Agile Metrics

When you start scaling Agile, you might need more metrics to assess you software development process. In this article, Janani Rasanjali Liyanage proposes some metrics that adhere to Lean and Agile principles to measure business agility in terms of predictability, reliability and adaptability.

Predictability can be considered with two aspects: uniformity that is delivering the same characteristics every time, and consistency, that is delivering the same value over time. The article proposes a predictability index based on four different variances: release velocity, scope, business value and delivered defects. You can also consider the sprint readiness ratio for product backlog items.

The goal of reliability is that priority changes can be addressed immediately with minimal cost and waste without compromising quality. You can deliver value without error or delay. Metrics in this area deal with technical debt.

Adaptability is to continually improve “value delivery” through adjustment to different changes in cost, schedule and scope. The metrics discussed in this part are the sprint responsiveness ratio and acceleration.

The final part of the article proposes some best practices and things to avoid when you try to use Agile metrics.

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