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Retrospectives for Story Points

At the end of each sprint, the Scrum team take some time to think about what could be improved in its Agile process. In this blog post, Natalie Warnert discusses how you could also use the retrospective meeting to look at story sizes after the sprint and determine if they were correctly sized as far as story points are concerned.

As Natalie Warnert explains it: “This is not meant to point out shortcomings or blame when estimates are “wrong”. It’s simply to figure out if the team is all on the same page when determining amounts of effort and identifying discrepancies that hinder our estimating and therefore predictability or lack thereof.”

The blog post explains how to structure such a retrospective meeting for story points which focuses on checking if the effort for stories of same sized point values is actually similar. You also analyse of the sizing was performed. The conclusion of Natalie Warnert is that “Any team can improve their sizing, especially if there is a lot of carry over in a certain sprint. This can also identify how the POs, team and ScrumMasters can help to get more information to get a better defined story that is more straightforward to estimate.”

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