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Getting Over Scrum

In a slightly provocatively titled “Why I’m done with Scrum” blog post, Jimmy Bogard provides four reasons reasons why he decided to abandon using Scrum to adopt a lean approach to software development.In his first two reasons, he discusses the inefficiencies of the iteration system.

He thinks that timeboxing limits what can be delivered during a Scrum sprint. Reaching the consensus during the iteration planning is also considered as a waste of time. As Scrum is not easy to deploy in larger organizations, he also criticizes the disdain of “scrum but” situations. With an approach focused on improvement, lean provides a better framework for gradual adoption by large organizations than a disruptive change to Scrum. Finally, he thinks that Scrum put more focus on the process and lean gives more importance to delivering value. Although he reminds us that you can be successful with Scrum, Jimmy Bogard provides an interesting post reminding us that Scrum might not be the best tool for all contexts.