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20 Techniques for Product Prioritization

One of the most important, and often overlook, sentence in the principles of the Agile Manifesto is “continuous delivery of valuable software”. Delivering value is an important principle for Agile and prioritization is the tool that allows to deliver value quickly. This is the topic discussed by Daniel Zacarias in his article “20 Product Prioritization Techniques: A Map and Guided Tour”.

Product prioritization is an important topic for software development projects that want to deliver the right features in a timely manner and often with limited resources. The article provides a map and an overview of the different techniques you can use for product prioritization. The periodic table of product prioritization techniques is an interesting tool that classifies them according its quantitative content and their reliance on external resources and opinions.

You should prefer external techniques if you are trying to navigate through a large set of features. Internal techniques are most suited to prioritize among more concrete issues related more directly to product and technology. The article provides then a concise but valuable overview of these 20 techniques that includes MoSCoW, Story Mapping, Value versus Risk or the Systemico Model.

The article concludes with three major takeaways:
* Prioritize at a high-level
* Set goals, measure and adjust
* Don’t do it alone

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