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Dashboards for Scrum Projects

July 13, 2011 0

This article aims to bring to the table a consolidated Scrum Project Dashboard layout that could be easily maintained and updated by the Product Owner with day-to-day and well-known information provided by the team. He will be able to get stakeholder and management attention and support while providing an updated clear picture on the Project’s status.

Barriers to Scrum Adoption

June 28, 2011 0

This is an article about opposition to Scrum. Most of the challenges in Scrum adoption aren’t technical, but social. Because Scrum makes ineffectiveness obvious and control organic, some people will fight tooth and nail to stop the effort.

Make Agile Work for You in Team Foundation Server 2010

June 9, 2011 0

This article documents a team’s move to Agile using Team Foundation Server 2010, starting out with the Microsoft Solutions Framework Agile v5.0 process template and eventually switching to the Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 template.

The Short Short Story

June 7, 2011 0

Scrum teams often use user stories for backlog items. Unfortunately, one of the most important aspects of a story – its extremely short length – has been subtly transformed over time and user stories have lost their original essence and potency.

Beyond Mechanics for the Daily Stand-up Meeting

June 7, 2011 0

In this article, Bachan Anand explains that beyond the mechanics, the daily Scrum stand-up meeting checks how is the team progressing toward fulfillment of the sprint commitment, identifies concerns immediately and provides an opportunity to discuss corrective action.

Using Lean-Thinking to Help Scrum Teams

May 4, 2011 0

Thinking about Lean as a combination of science, management and learning provides Scrum practitioners to start with including Lean and Kanban practices into their Scrum practices. Explicit policies, managing work-in-progress, and creating visibility have a direct, measurable impact on a team’s velocity.

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