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Striking a Balance: Let Scrum Die

January 25, 2011 0

The war around software craftmanship and the evangelism around Scrum are all signs of an unhealthy, unbalanced state for most development teams. In this article, the effect of this unbalanced state is highlighted and how to address this by introducing a balancing force – an economically viable code base. This article also predicts what will happen when such a state is achieved.

How Product Designer Works in Agile Teams

January 4, 2011 0

The product designer (PD) is very a important role in software development. They will provide detail requirements specification and business workflow, UI workflow. In traditional software development process, PD will prepare the detail requirement design document before develop team start to make software design. How does the product designer work in Agile Teams?

The Core Protocols, an Experience Report – Part 2

November 22, 2010 0

The Core Protocols are our ‘best practices’ for people, teams of people and organizations that want to get great results – all the time. They are ‘Core’ because they are foundational – they can be used by all teams, anywhere, even if you already have organizational patterns and best practices of your own. They are ‘Protocols’ because they name and prescribe ways that people can interact (behavior), predictably, like the ‘protocols’ followed in diplomacy.

Aspects of Kanban

November 1, 2010 0

“Aspects of Kanban” is an introduction to the Kanban workflow Lean project management system.

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