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Finding the Forrest in the Trees

August 4, 2010 0

While the iterative development approaches found in Agile Software Development fulfill the promise of working software each iteration, that task of choosing which software to build first can be daunting.

Reflections on Management by Watts S. Humphrey

July 14, 2010 0

This book is composed of papers previously written by Watts Humphrey. The people and management aspects of software development are often neglected in books and this one is a good source to start thinking about them… and improving our practice.

Anatomy of a Retrospective

July 7, 2010 0

If you have never experienced a well-run retrospective, then it is hard to imagine what it is like by simply reading a book. Nevertheless, the article “An anatomy of a retrospective” tries to tie many of the discussions  into a single experience. It is based on one real-life retrospective, but spiced up with a few pieces from other retrospectives. I’m certain the participants would recognize themselves, but I hope I have changed enough of the trivia to protect their privacy.

Location, Location, Location!

June 26, 2010 0

They say there are three important characteristics of real estate: location, location and location. The same is true for scrum teams. Where scrum team’s members are located has a profound effect upon success and productivity. Agile advocates recommend collocation of a software development team and proximity to the customer.

Scrum Roles – an Unsolvable Puzzle?

June 25, 2010 0

This article “Scrum Roles – an Unsolvable Puzzle?” discusses the different roles in Scrum projects and how you can relate them to traditional project management roles.

Why Is Scrum So Hard?

June 21, 2010 0

Jens Østergaard gives an introduction to Scrum and talks about why is Scrum so hard. Video producer: San Francisco Agile User Group

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