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Why a Good Agile Team is so Hard to Find

October 1, 2010 0

Everyone has heard about the benefits of a strong Agile team. They are focussed, extremely productive and self-managing. Why is it so hard to make your agile team gain these same benefits?

User Stories are Temporary

September 29, 2010 0

It’s obvious, but warrants mention: What we do in the future is likely to be different from what we’re doing today. The implications for user stories should be obvious: User stories are temporary. Saving them for posterity doesn’t serve the primary purpose of user stories, and doing anything that makes them less temporary can turn user stories from benefit to detriment.


September 28, 2010 0

Agilefant is a simple but powerful solution for managing software development projects and related activities. It brings together the perspectives of organizing daily work, long-term product and release planning and project portfolio management.

The Quest for High Performance

September 24, 2010 0

“The Quest for High Performance” by Tom Reynolds. One of the best ways to ensure that a team grows to be high performing is to get them off to the right start. Read this article to learn two team start-up activities that focus on process and help ensure everyone is on the same page from the beginning.

Scrum Articles

September 9, 2010 0

A directory of articles on the scrum agile project management approach: sprints, velocity, backlog, user stories management.


September 9, 2010 0

Retrospectives are a powerful tool for facilitating continuous improvement. This workshop shows how to use retrospectives to put your team on a path of continuous improvement.

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