Scrum Day Germany, Filderstadt, Germany, June 12-13 2018

Scrum Day Germany is a two-day conference about Scrum and Agile project management that propose an international line-up of Agile experts. It provides a multi-track sessions and full day workshops. The conference sessions are mainly in German.

In the agenda of the Scrum Day Germany conference you can find topics like “Coaching Dojo”, “Why Agile Development Without Testing Doesn’t Work”, “Agile Transformation with Bottom Up Intelligence”, “Agile Budgeting and Agile Portfolio Management in Practice”, “Enterprise Agile Requirements Management”, “Product Owner Types: What You Should Know”, “Status Quo Agile – Scrum: Rather Tailor-made than According to the Textbook”, “Measuring Agile to Prove the Success of the Adoption”, “Agile Enterprise – Growing Agile beyond Tech”, “HardScrum – Software Development in the Embbeded Automotive Environment”.

Web site:
Location for the Scrum Day Germany conference: FILharmonie, Tübinger Strasse 40, 70794 Filderstadt, Germany