Scrum Day Germany, Filderstadt, Germany, June 7-8 2016

Scrum Day Germany is a two-day conference about Scrum and Agile project management that propose an international line-up of Agile experts. It provides a multi-track sessions and full day workshops. The conference sessions are mainly in German.

In the agenda of the Scrum Day Germany conference you can find topics like “Product Owner Types: What You Should Know”, “Status Quo Agile – Scrum: Rather Tailor-made than According to the Textbook”, “Measuring Agile to Prove the Success of the Adoption”, “Agile Enterprise – Growing Agile beyond Tech”, “HardScrum – Software Development in the Embbeded Automotive Environment”.

Web site:
Location for the Scrum Day Germany conference: FILharmonie, Tübinger Strasse 40, 70794 Filderstadt, Germany

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