Scrum Agile Project Management

Manage Agile, Berlin, Germany, November 14-16 2023

The Manage Agile conference is an event taking place in Berlin that focused on Agile project management approaches. It is divided into two workshop days and two conference days. This conference focuses on management topics and is a networking platform where specialists and managers compare notes yearly to establish Agile topics not only in software engineering but also in the whole company up to the management. Most of the talks are in German, but there are also a lot of talks in English.

In the agenda of the Manage Agile conference you can find topics like “Insights Discovery: Understanding people, developing agile teams”, “How do you know your team is broken?”, “Design Thinking: Quick & Dirty”, “Understanding and developing agile leadership”, “Micro Social Networks; role-based enablement of a project-based organization”, “Agile Estimating and Planning”, “SAFe City Simulation – The Scaled Agile Framework in Action!”, “Empowering teams to take ownership of their continuous improvement”, “The Predictability of Delivery”, “The-Poke-Concept – The key to value based development”, “More with LeSS: A Decade of Descaling with Large-Scale Scrum”, “90 Day Challenge – Agile on a Corporate Scale”, “Our community is our customer – diversity challenges agile”, “Ten strategies to (mis)manage Agile”, “Estimation Is Waste!”, “What’s the Value of Agile? A Look at Managing Finances in Agile Projects”.

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