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Fragile Agile: Coaching Tired Teams

As an Agile Coach or Scrum Master do you want to add energy to your team that looks not enthusiastic or resists change? Is it possible to cause harm to your team even with proper Agile coaching? Yes, if you are working with tired, exhausted or even burned-out teams, they do need special treatment, usually counterintuitive to the coaches.

Would you like to learn a special set of actions, taken from the medical practice, tailored to work with exhausted people? Would you like to experience an upward spiral from tiredness to the true intrinsic motivation and creativity? Join me in the self-test and practical steps discussion what needs to be modified in the coaching and facilitation techniques and in the Agile process that you as a coach or a scrum master can help your worn out team to transition into a better process and produce steady results.

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