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Hiring for Scrum: Agile vs Agility

The Manifesto for Agile Software Development says that you should prefer “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”. But how do you hire the right people for your Scrum software development projects. In her article “Hiring for Agility – Mindset Matters in an Agile Organisation”, Nadia Smith suggests that you should look for more for Agility than Agile.

The article starts by remembering the importance of hiring the right people. Nadia Smith wrote that “Agile refers to ‘the Practice’ as resume, education, certifications and experience, versus agility ‘the Mindset’ as attitude, skills, values and behaviours.”

Hiring for Scrum: Agile vs Agility
Agile vs Agility. Source:

Then the article explains how culture should be the driving force behind the organization’s recruitment strategy. This recruitment process should abandon the traditional approach of scanning resume for skills and keywords and invest instead in assessing the attitude of the candidate. Nadia Smiths gives two examples of employee she hired on attitude and provides tips on how to assess the attitude of candidates.

Her conclusion is that you should “Find people with a ‘can do’ attitude, who want to evolve, who show resilience, who embrace ambiguity, and have the desire to succeed. These people will evolve your Agile journey, enable growth and create success.”

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