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Crossing the Agile-UX Divide

Integrating UX into an Agile process is not always an easy challenge. In this article, Mike Bulajewski reminds the why the differences between the two vision exist in the first place and proposes some solutions on how they could be solved. This article provides a very interesting point of view of the Agile-UX relationship from the UX side.

The article starts by reminding the origin of the Agile movement and how it changes the vision from the traditional software development. He thinks that for many agilists, “he mere existence of designers and researchers as specialized job roles in a software team divorces conception from execution, regardless of how much or little documentation they create, how fast they do it, or whether they do it upfront or incrementally.”

The main problem of the difficult relationships between Agile and UX might be related to the organization of work. Mike Bulajewski writes that “If the purpose of agile methodologies is to protect software developers’ autonomy at work, then our existing attempts combine agile with UX practices are making a category error.”

In an Agile perspective, one of the most interesting point of this article is the discussion that it can generates as it is shown in the many comments that have been written on this article.

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