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Videos on Scrum and Agile Project Management

Big Visible Charts

August 23, 2011 0

This video discusses of Big Visible Charts (also named BVCs or Information Radiators) as a practice to improve the status visibility of agile projects.

Dodgy Scrum Stand-up

August 19, 2011 0

A team of volunteers put together this video to highlight the less desirable behaviors that can sometimes make their way into a daily Scrum Stand-up meeting.

The Product Owner’s Guide to Saying No

August 8, 2011 0

Product owners are under a lot of pressure. On one side, customers, stakeholders and users provide a constant stream of requests and demands. On the other side, developers own their estimates and commitments. It’s easy to take on too much work and resort to heroic prioritisation to try to make things fit. This video gives to Scrum product owners several ideas on how to adapt their product management process to increase quality.

Agile Team Performance

August 1, 2011 0

This video explores the creation of a performance system that not only adheres to Agile principles, but actively promotes maturity in applying them to the delivery of measurable business and user value.

Optimizing for Happiness

July 26, 2011 0

The way traditional businesses approach the management and organization of creative, intellectual workers is wrong. By throwing away everything that blocks productivity (meetings, deadlines, managers, titles, strict vacation policies, etc) and treating your employees as the responsible adults that they are, huge amounts of potential can be unlocked and employee happiness and retention can be at unprecedented highs.

Agile User Experience

June 14, 2011 0

This short video explains how to integrate user experience with agile development processes.

The Scrum Framework

June 9, 2011 0

Agile coaches need to be able to teach the agile framework their teams will use in 10 minutes or less. Why? Because they will have to teach it hundreds of times to new team member joins or when a manager stands in the team’s way. This video shows how Lyssa Adkins teaches the Scrum framework. Use her example as a starting point and get good at delivering your own version.

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