Scrum Agile Project Management

Large Multisite Scrum

March 16, 2010 0

“After working for some years in the domains of large, multisite, and offshore development, we have distilled our experience and advice down to the following: Don’t’ do it.” “Scaling Lean & Agile Development – Thinking and Organizational Tools for Large-Scale Scrum”, Craig Larman & Bas Vodde, Addison -Wesley


March 15, 2010 0

IceScrum is a tool for development teams using Scrum or another agile developpement process.

Agile, Multidisciplinary Teamwork

March 15, 2010 0

The article “Agile, Multidisciplinary Teamwork” by Gautam Ghosh presents techniques and tools used to create requirements with a team composed of the different participants of agile projects.

Estimating With Use Case Points

February 26, 2010 0

“Estimating With Use Case Points” describes the process to measure the size of an application modeled with UML, using use case points.

Scrum Process under Specific Extremely Short Conditions

February 12, 2010 0

The presentation shows the usage of the agile and Scrum methods for software projects in highly dynamic and fast changing environment. It describes how to adapt Scrum process to extremely short delivery times counted for days. Such Scrum process was practically used and proved on small web-based application development. Typical delivery time is 3-5days.

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