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Mistakes We Make Writing User Stories

August 8, 2011 0

The art of writing good User Stories is the most difficult for new teams. The mistakes made at that point lead to wrong Test Cases, wrong understanding of requirements and the worst of all wrong implementation which can be direct cause of rejecting the deliverables at the end of the iteration. This article presents the five most common mistakes people make writing user stories.

Agile Adoption Adaptation

August 8, 2011 0

In this blog post, Ian Alderson presents the various changes they made during the Agile adoption journey at his company to tailor the software development process to their needs. He reached the conclusion that “one size doesn’t fit all” and that the drive for the improvements to the process should come from the retrospectives.

Prioritizing User Stories

August 5, 2011 0

A survey says that 64% of the functionalities included in software products are never or almost never used! In this blog post, Emiliano Soldi shares some ideas on how to avoid this and prioritize user stories.

Earned Value Management for Mere Mortals

August 1, 2011 0

There is a strong human predisposition to assume, with the consumption of budget and the passing of time, that actual project progress is proceeding at the same pace. Sadly, facts recorded at project completion have repeatedly failed to demonstrate this correlation. Earned Value Management (EVM) is a tool that should help to solve this problem.

Agile Team Performance

August 1, 2011 0

This video explores the creation of a performance system that not only adheres to Agile principles, but actively promotes maturity in applying them to the delivery of measurable business and user value.

Scrum Community

August 1, 2011 0

The Scrum Community was formed after the Scrum Gathering Nov 2006 in Minneapolis and aim at improving the Scrum practices. The Scrum Community provides a lot of different resources in its wiki, like this interesting catalog of Scrum smells.

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