Scrum Agile Project Management

Why On-time, On-budget Doesn’t Work

To achieve true business agility, leaders must not only grow and support self-reliant, cross-functional, self-organizing Scrum teams, they must also change the way their organizations fund and oversee their agile initiatives. They must believe in feedback and allow that feedback to work. However, old measures like “on time” and “within budget” are not useful when markets and customers are constantly changing, potentially resulting in delivering great solutions to problems that no longer exist. This session introduced a framework called Evidence-Based Management that helps organization to define measures that are meaningful to them, in four dimensions: Unrealized Value, Current Value, Time to Market, and Ability to Innovate. The framework helps agile leaders gauge the health of teams and the products they deliver, providing an alternative to schedule and budget-based governance models that fall short of meeting the needs of agile organizations.

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