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Putting the BA into BAcklog

Business Analysis (BA) is a growing profession which is helping organisations to manage business transformation in an ever changing and complex world. Business analysts work across the business change lifecycle; they develop early understanding of business needs so that the right projects are funded for the right reasons and ensure that the solutions are developed that meet these needs. As a result, the Agile philosophy and techniques are fundamental to business analyst’s work.

This presentation shares some experience of being an agile BA in the public sector and how applying Agile principles and techniques has enabled to transform business operations and improve performance in both IT and non IT departments. This experience demonstrates that Agile approaches are not just reserved for developers but can – and should – be utilised by business analysts in the wider business context, thus paving the way for Agile development to succeed. Business analysts are underutilised within Agile development approaches and development teams need to embrace the qualities that business analysts bring in order to enhance the business benefits that IT projects deliver.

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