Scrum Agile Project Management

Continuous Improvement: Clarity Before Speed

Learn which building blocks help you to create the culture of systematic improvement in a software development organization and a Scrum team. This talk discusses how the Deming cycle – Plan-Do-Check-Act has been applied concretely in an R&D organization to ensure that the operational development is done systematically. The practices have been evolving during couple of years and the talk will also share the lessons learned from this journey.

How are you planning your improvement actions? How are they recorded? Are you following their progress? Do you know whether they are giving you the expected results? Are the improvement initiatives taking you to the right direction? In overall, how is your team managing the continuous improvement? Continuous improvement is one of the cornerstones of the Lean and agile methodologies (e.g. Kaizen & retrospective practices). Even though the basic idea is quite clear, it is often forgotten that it requires real effort to implement this as part of the everyday work. It is also essential to see the relation between the continuous improvement and the bigger picture. There is an increasing pressure to speed up the release cycles and to achieve continuous delivery mode which requires deliberate actions. This transformation is neither done with one shot. Thus a systematic way to improve the way of working is needed to make the continuous delivery successful. The talk is targeted to people who are interested to enhance their continuous improvement practices or are interested to hear concrete experiences from a large scale organization.

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