Scrum Agile Project Management

Build the Right Thing with a Discovery Process

Do you have a nagging feeling that your Scrum team may not be investing in building the right thing? Do your products have features that are rarely or never used? Does it take your organization the full investment of building and launching a product to validate an idea? Is your Agile organization challenged with striking the right balance between the demands of a scalable, high-quality product and innovating on the most compelling problems and opportunities for your customers?

Pearson Online & Blended Learning has met these challenges head-on by creating and implementing a framework that includes early collaboration within a multidisciplinary Scrum team and a light-weight process. Based on Design Thinking principles and practices, the framework effectively balances discovery and delivery efforts. It ensures that, across the portfolio, its investments are focused on the right things, and the efforts of our delivery teams are aligned to solving the most important issues for their customers and addressing the most valuable opportunities for their business.

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