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Agile Metrics Beyond the Burndown Chart

How can metrics be used safely in coaching Agile teams? The classic Goldratt quote “Tell me how you will measure me and I will tell you how I’ll behave” signals the danger of using metrics to manage or motivate employees. This presentation shows and suggests approaches to Agile metrics that avoid the common pitfalls and shows some practical dashboards and the resulting chaos or calm they caused.

This talk will show actual dashboards and metrics from actual industry engagements. It will explain how to safely capture and display these and how to teach an organization to see and understand its data. Be warned though, the techniques shown go beyond burndowns charts and cumulative flow diagrams.

Watching this presentation you will learn:
* The dangers of managing by metrics
* Balanced approach to metric dashboards (less is more, but too little is disastrous)
* Digital storytelling and patterns (examples of good and bad dashboards)
* Coaching advice and dashboards
* Visualizations of the edge – attention grabbing ideas for action

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