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7 Things To Avoid When You Move To Agile

Large-scale Agile and Scrum transformations are in fashion and senior leadership want their enterprises across the land to “be Agile” or at least be seen to “be Agile”. But what does that mean? What are the risks? What does that cost? Agile transformation is an organizational change that is often assumed to be something much less significant or wide-reaching than it actually is.

This talk explores some lessons learned from the presenter’s experience in large Agile programmes over the last ten years. If you are not familiar with the difference between Agile adoption and Agile transformation and you are involved in either, then this is for you. Equally if you would like to know why rolling out Scrum in technology is the wrong way to start your enterprise Agile plans, again this will prove invaluable. There are a range of good and bad adoption strategies that will be highlighted and discussed.

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