Scrum Agile Project Management

Full-time Scrum

August 31, 2011 0

in this blog post, John Piekos explains how the ScrumMaster and Product Owner roles in Scrum are much more demanding than the Project and Product Manager roles of traditional project approaches. With frequent “potentially shippable product increments”, he believes that full-time effort is required from all members in order to be successful.

The Product Owner’s Guide to Saying No

August 8, 2011 0

Product owners are under a lot of pressure. On one side, customers, stakeholders and users provide a constant stream of requests and demands. On the other side, developers own their estimates and commitments. It’s easy to take on too much work and resort to heroic prioritisation to try to make things fit. This video gives to Scrum product owners several ideas on how to adapt their product management process to increase quality.

Dashboards for Scrum Projects

July 13, 2011 0

This article aims to bring to the table a consolidated Scrum Project Dashboard layout that could be easily maintained and updated by the Product Owner with day-to-day and well-known information provided by the team. He will be able to get stakeholder and management attention and support while providing an updated clear picture on the Project’s status.

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