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Retromat – Random Scrum Retrospectives Plan Generator

Retromat is a free online website that allows to generate random plans for Agile and Scrum retrospectives. Out of a pool of more than 100 activities, it selects one for each of the five phases (stage setting, data gathering, insight generating, decision, conclusion) to create a retrospective plan.

Retromat Random Scrum Retrospectives Plan Generator

Retromat is the creation of Corinna Baldauf and Timon Fiddike. The web site proposes more than 120 activities in English to organize your retrospectives. The website is multilingual and there are also more than 30 activities in German, more than 90 activities in Spanish, more than 40 activities in French and more than 90 activities in Dutch. When you enter the website, a retrospective is created with a unique ID and five proposed activities for each stage. You can simply change the proposed retrospectives using arrows. Each activity as a name (example: “Cause-Effect-Diagram”), a number, a short summary (example: “Find the source of problems whose origins are hard to pinpoint and lead to endless discussion”) and a description. Retromat indicates also the source of the retrospective activity and some of them have also attached figures to illustrate the results of the retrospective activity.

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