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Agile Alliance Hosts Agile India 2019

Agile Alliance has announced that it will be the host sponsor of Agile India 2019, the largest international premier conference on Agile and Lean Software Development methods in Asia. The annual event, scheduled for March 17 – 24 in Bengaluru, India, brings together Executives, Managers, Developers, Consultants, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Testers, Usability and Product Designers, Academics, and more to learn from world-class experts and practice their craft together.

In its 15th year, Agile India is organized by Agile Software Community of India (ASCI). ASCI is a registered, non-profit society founded in 2004 with a vision to evangelize new, modern ways of delivering products and services to delight users. Over the last 15 years, ASCI has organized 57 conferences across 13 cities in India and has hosted 1,000+ speakers from 38 countries, who have delivered 1,200+ sessions to 10,000+ attendees.

“Agile Alliance is proud to host Agile India 2019,” said Phil Brock, Managing Director, Agile Alliance. “As the largest conference on Agile and Lean Software Development methods in Asia, the event furthers our mission to support people who explore and apply Agile values, principles, and practices to make building software solutions more effective, humane, and sustainable. India’s vigorous Agile community welcomes and fosters new practices and techniques that enable organizations to create and respond to change. This enhances business value in uncertain and turbulent environments.”

“We have modelled ourselves on Agile Alliance,” said Naresh Jain, Founder, Agile India. “We followed in their footsteps to build an inclusive and neutral platform which welcomes anyone who is eager to learn and spread awareness about Agile methods. We are committed to organizing an annual world-class conference at a very affordable price to encourage a broader reach. The Alliance’s endorsement of Agile India 2019 means a great deal to the Agile community here in Asia.”

Keynote speakers for this year include Anita Sengupta (Rocket Scientist, Sr. Vice President at University of Southern California, “The Future of High Speed Transportation”); Amy Jo Kim (Game Designer, Entrepreneur, and Startup Coach, “Game Thinking for Rapid Innovation”); Brian Robertson (Pioneer, Holacracy, “Holacracy: Unleash Entrepreneurship in your Team”); Chad Fowler (CTO, Microsoft, “The Future of Software Development”); Dave Farley (Pioneer, Continuous Delivery, “Taking Back ‘Software Engineering’: Craftsmanship is not Enough”); Doug Kirkpatrick (U.S. Partner, NuFocus Strategic Group, “Futurework: Managing Complexity With Simplicity”), and Jezz Humble (Pioneer, Continuous Delivery, “Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations”).