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Working as a UX Professional in a Scrum Teams

The Scrum approach recommends to deliver software incrementally in small iterations. This seems to be always an issue with activities that require a global view on the developed application like the software architecture or the user interface. In this blog post, Aviva Rosenstein, who manages user research for Salesforce, shares here experience about integrating user experience (UX) design into the Scrum development process.

UX often suffer from a lack of consideration from other roles in the Scrum team. Here are some of her recommendations for UX professionals:
* Be transparent about the UX process to create trust in the Scrum team
* Participate actively in the Scrum meeting, even if your time is share across multiple teams
* Add meetings specifically devoted to the coordination of UX activities
* Clarify the definition of Done to include UX criteria
* Include UX goals and needs in sprint retrospectives

Her conclusion is that “for Scrum and Agile to live up to its full potential, it must address the needs of all team contributors, not just software developers. Giving support and trust to UX contributors will help motivate them to do their best work and leverage more of their skills in the pursuit of excellence.”

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