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Distributed Retrospectives: A Guide to Remote Team Reflection

March 20, 2023 0

Retrospectives are a crucial part of agile software development. They provide the basis for self-improvement in Scrum teams. This article explores the benefits and challenges of distributed retrospectives and provide tips for conducting effective remote team reflection.

How to Recognize a True Product Owner

March 14, 2023 0

There are many examples of fake Product Owners (PO) in the companies (PO as Business Analyst, PO as Project Manager, Proxy PO). Companies cause this by using many organisational design antipatterns (assign one PO per team, “Product” being in fact a component, using committee for product decisions instead of one person).

Digité Changes Company Name to NimbleWork

March 8, 2023 0

Digité, Inc., a vendor Enterprise Lean/ Agile Planning and Project Management tools company, announced the change of its corporate brand from Digité, Inc. to NimbleWork, Inc. On the occasion, it also launched range of its latest AI powered Collaborative Work and Project Management tools, under the brand name Nimble.