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Agile Coaching Nightmares

December 21, 2017 0

When you look for inspiration in the Agile Coaching community, the name Gordon Ramsay is probably not the first name to come to mind. He has been known to be belligerent, condescending and downright rude, but underneath this brute facade is a treasure trove of skills and talents that influence change. This presentation draws insights from his ‘Kitchen Nightmare’ escapades and draw parallels with how much his work aligns with that of an Agile Coach and the goal to successfully drive change and introduce a number of models and techniques that are indispensable in the coaching toolkit.

Five Ideas for Improving your Scrum Retrospectives

December 11, 2017 0

As retrospectives are one of the main improvement tools for Agile teams, it is a challenge to keep them efficient and they can also be the subjects of improvement. In this article, Pablo Pecora shares five ideas of techniques that could help a ScrumMaster to improve the next Scrum retrospectives.

AgileEE Agile Eastern Europe, Kiev, Ukraine, April 27-28 2018

December 5, 2017 0

The AgileEE Agile Eastern Europe conference is a two-days event dedicated to promote Agile software development and Scrum project management in Ukraine and the Eastern European countries. It features Agile experts from all over the world, with well-known industry professionals from the US, Canada and Western Europe.

Fostering a Culture of Documentation in Scrum

December 4, 2017 0

Documentation and Agile are two words that are rarely seen together, but documentation is still the most important thing developers continually respond as most affecting their decision making. Frankly caring about documentation shows you care about the developer, whether external or internal. Yet, documentation is constantly pushed to the wayside, aligning that idea with Waterfall and top-down development. How do you then foster a culture that gets your developers excited to create documentation? And as an extension, how do you get your developers excited about pleasing their customers?